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['kraf (t)smen,SHip]

1. the quality of design and work shown in
something made by hand; artistry.

" a piece of fine craftsmanship"

Moywood Craft is a small company, founded by myself Nuala Mc Donagh, based on the West Coast of Ireland. Born out of my passion for working with wood I design, handcraft and finish each individual piece.

Using native Irish, sustainable hardwoods I create both artistic and functional wooden accessories for the home.

My interest in woodwork was first sparked in school and later I followed my passion and trained internationally where I  received a degree in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship.

The process can take some time but once a design is finalised, I select each board of native Irish hardwood individually. Then the craftsmanship begins.

Using age-old techniques combined with modern design concepts, my love and respect for the timber is reflected in the pieces created.

From concept to creation every detail is considered.